English books for my international readers

Neutral Zone

In the fall of 2013, an elderly man approached Marlon Baker with the question of whether he could make a book out of his memories. Marlon receives a handwritten diary from the man who immediately captivates him. In addition to the numerous written records, there are also photos to be seen that shake him up. For Marlon Baker it is clear after a short time that he wants to make a book out of it, because in his opinion this story has to be told because it brings light into the darkness and opens the reader's eyes to what it really was like to wait for death as a teenager in a concentration camp ...

Help my son is gay

For a long time I have been carrying around with me the idea of writing this guide for concerned parents and enlightened young people, because I have always been confronted with the fact that many answers simply lie in the dark. So it was obvious to finally summon up the courage and put my research on paper. For this guide I asked about 100 homosexual teenagers aged between 12 and 18 for their opinion on how they would like to see their own family coming-out.

Mila and Spellbound

Mila is everything - just no ordinary cat! And not only since she met the pitch-black tomcat Balthazar ... who turned her life upside down ... And at the latest after the night of the vampires - after Halloween - nothing is like before! Mila has now become a child of the night, always on the lookout for fresh blood ... Marlon Baker continues his award-winning short story here and accompanies Mila again a little way along her way ...


COMING SOON: Faruk is a boy from Syria who flees alone, as he tries to keep three secrets from his friends and family. Since he doesn’t want to risk death in Syria, he takes on the long and arduous journey. Once he arrives in Germany, Faruk experiences an extraordinary adventure and meets Marlon Baker, who basically doesn’t want to know anything about the refugees. Nevertheless, they realize that they are meant for each other. Faruk also must master the pitfalls of the German authorities and can hardly hope for outside help. And even in the camp, the first hostilities take place, so that Faruk starts the flight to the front.

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