Help my son is gay

For a long time I have been carrying around with me the idea of writing this guide for concerned parents and enlightened young people, because I have always been confronted with the fact that many answers simply lie in the dark.

So it was obvious to finally summon up the courage and put my research on paper. For this guide I asked about 100 homosexual teenagers aged between 12 and 18 for their opinion on how they would like to see their own family coming-out.

Because I was lucky enough to meet very understanding parents when, at the tender age of eight, I made the first hint that I liked a boy more than my parents could have liked at that time. Because my parents felt very clearly that I felt for this boy substantially more than only friendship ... but in this book you will also find stories about homosexual teenagers who will open their eyes ...

Finally, the English version is available as E-Book and Paperback. Paperbacks should be purchased at Amazon only, while the E-Books can be also purchased here.

For a German edition, please, contact me or get it on Amazon.

Written by Damian Drake and Marlon Baker (who also translated it).
Including the short stories: Get Naked! and A Dog's Life, text only - no images, and Little Peter's big adventure for the very first time in English!

Published as Paperback and E-Book in the mysteria edition
ISBN-13: 978-1983997181, 140 pages for US$ 10,90 on
E-Book available at and other portals for US$ 3,99.

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