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Glover's Pizza Emporium

Mr Glover runs a pizzeria called Glover's Pizza Emporium in a small town tyrannized by defiant teenagers. Shortly before closing time they come to him, because he - despite the threat of harsh punishments - also serves the teenagers alcohol. One evening another handful of teenagers besiege his shop when Mr Baker calls and orders a Pizza Supreme. Mr Baker lives far out in the woods, and Mr Glover just wants to close the store, as his pizza boy has already quit for the day anyway. But Mr Baker absolutely wants another Pizza Supreme, and Mr Glover knows exactly what that means.

Mr Glover asks one of the boys if he wants to earn some pocket money in a hurry, and the youngest of all people agrees, although he gives the impression that he's not even allowed to drive a car. Jordan drives up Mysteria Lane, at the end of which there is an estate in the woods. You don't really know much about its inhabitants. But Jordan should have known better never to come back ... Mr Baker surprises him with an offer that sounds more than tempting: he is to keep him company in the next 30 days and gets 175 pounds an hour for it - that is 4.200 pounds a day and 126.000 pounds if he also passes the test orders, as well as some exams ...

Jordan, who is ready for every disgrace, agrees, even if that means that he is not allowed to leave the house for 30 days. After all he would have taken care of himself afterwards and could free himself from the clutches in which he is stuck ... But after some time things take their course that throw the boy's life off track, and he already sees himself failing in this challenge ...

It also contains the short story: Doggy Bag by Marlon Baker

Published as Paperback and E-Book in the mysteria edition
ISBN-13: 978-1075607707, 138 pages for US$ 8,90 on Amazon.com
E-Book available at Amazon.com and other portals for US$ 3,99.

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