In the ecstasy of the Love Parade

The Love Parade in Duisburg: I had been there myself at the time and wrote a book about it, because I still associate beautiful experiences with it; even if most of the people might have had a painful heart burning with this date. But I would also like to emphasize the positive aspects of this unique event and not least describe my personal impressions and experiences.

At that time I had been a teenager of 15 years who couldn't understand what was going on and maybe my book can comfort you that the Love Parade was actually a place where more than 1 million ravers were celebrating.

My book tells my very personal story of how I experienced the last Love Parade in Duisburg, because I had been there myself that day and experienced a day that I don't want to erase from my memory despite all the terrible events. Not least because for me it was also the summer when I found my first great love and shortly afterwards had my coming-out. How my parents and my environment reacted to it is worth telling you in this book. Because it is a positive story that turned my life upside down overnight ...

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