Isle of Wight Bedtime Stories

for kids and grown-ups

A collection of ten award-winning short stories by Marlon Baker for kids and grown-ups edited and compiled by his son Damian Drake. Some of the short stories are placed on the magical Isle of Wight where the author lives now. Enjoy his award-winning short stories in this great collection. More info about each story can be found in the book.

Including the following award-winning short stories

The UFO in the cookie jar
The Visitors
The Encounter
The last of his kind
Death by Chocolate
It happened one night
The creepy forest
Mila and Spellbound
Harrison’s big adventure
The Druid’s Wisdom

Published as Paperback and E-Book in the mysteria edition
ISBN-13: 978-1675164877, 202 pages for US$ 9,90 on
E-Book available at and other portals for US$ 3,90.

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